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No, you need not be a registered user to Post Ad on the site. But you need to provide your valid email address.

Registration allows to you to

  • Post upto 10 Ads a day
  • Get your own User Id
  • Edit, delete, renew and check replies to your Ads
  • Helps you participate in the community discussions

You can reclaim your password if you have forgotten it , click here Forgot your password?

All ads on will remain active for 90 days. Before the ad meets it expiry date, we will send you an email to renew it. Just click on the activation link in that mail to renew it. Otherwise ignore the mail.

To increase the chance of getting good responses, follow these simple tips:

  1. Good title - A good title will attract more people to visit your ad.
  2. Description - Describe the item/service as detailed as possible. Let the buyers know where the item is located and when you will be available.
  3. Images - Upload more images. Our study says, ads with images will get 5 times more responses.
  4. Always use right spellings in your ad to make your it more search friendly.
  5. Add your contact number and price .

You can search in two ways.

  1. Keyword Search - Enter your keyword in the text box available on the header. We will be displaying the results based on your entered keyword.
  2. Advance Search - This search is available on all category pages. In this, we have specifically defined the search terms based on the location you have selected. You get perfect matching results in this search.